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Many projects and researches are running and most are in the implementation phase. This page lists some activities that are described briefly. A more specific work  will be published later on each project.

Monitoring of climatic data of the Grotta Grande dei Cervi.

The CARS is working on climate data inside the Grande Grotta dei Cervi (fraz.Pietrasecca, Carsoli - AQ). This research aims to be just a collection of preliminary data, deffering a study of wider and more extensive monitoring. Although tourists have a limited visit of a few meters and the route is on the natual ground of the cave, the data collected will give a first value and indication of what is the environmental impact and makes understand how to better manage visits.

Study of the subterranean entomological fauna of the Grotta Grande dei Cervi.

A study of the entomological fauna of the  Grande Grotta dei Cervi(fraz.Pietrasecca , Carsoli - AQ) will start soon. The study will last one year and wants to  compile a checklist of species inside the Grotta dei Cervi and the Inghiottitoio di Pietrasecca. The surveys will be done also externally to the whole area of the Reserve of Pietrasecca.

Research in Abruzzo National Park.

The Underground Research Institute of the Appennines has studied numerous bones and entomological specimens collected in different years of investigations in the caves of Cicerana and other areas of the Abruzzo National Park. Many specimens examined have provided interesting data, including a new species of beetles Carabidae (Duvalius sp.) and a very interesting finding of skull fossil marmot of 10 thousand years ago.

This is the finding of the youngest ever collected fossil marmot in central Italy. This testifies to a very recent presence of this mammalian in central Italy.

Caving explorations in Pizi Mountains.

The Pizi mountains are a group of limestone mountains and  consist mainly of sharp rocky pinnacles that rise from a gentle plateau marl and clay, covered almost entirely by extensive forests of beech, oak, maple, etc.. Little known and investigated from the point of view of Speleological Reserch. Interesting discoveries of new caves and underground cavities can be done.

Surveys and census on the forms of ancient rock art.

There are many paintings and engravings on the eastern slope of the Majella and Pizi Mountains of the Middle Sangro, and in particular the territory of Civitaluparella is to be surveyed.

Surveys, in the same geographical context, are also aimed to identify the evidence on anthropogenic use of caves, caverns and rock shelters, not only in prehistoric times, but also in historical periods. In particular the research will be oriented to the identification of sites used as shelters pastoral hermit, by extraction of minerals or guano, to capture water, sacred sites and sites selected as a shelter by defectors and deserters.