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- Promote the protection and conservation of nature;

- Promote the study and protection of karst environments;

- Promote the study and protection of natural caves;

  1. -Promote the study and protection of artificial caves as quarries, mines and buildings falling into the category of

   artificial  caves;

- Promote protecton of karst landscape and environment;

- Promote the management of natural resources;

  1. -Promote critical reflection on models of economic development based on rational and ethical use of natural


     - Promote and develop work projects and professional experience in the management of natural heritage;

     - Promote and develop work projects and professional experience in the management of tourist caves;

     - Promote and disseminate culture and knowledge of the environment, engaging in organizing conventions,

       conferences and seminars, training and updating of technical staff and specialized (rangers, administrative 

       staff, students and aduates, tour guides, etc..), in collaboration with other Italian and foreign institutions,

       as provided by law national and regional regulations and directives of the European Union;

    - Provide scientific support for management of Reserves, Oasis and parks;

    - Production of audiovisual and multimedia, or anything else that is useful to facilitate the deepening and    

      disseminating technical knowledge  from a broad public of issues related to the aims of the CARS ;

    - Take initiatives on the internet or on any multimedia;

    - Create and implement projects, both independently and in cooperation with other actors (private and public), 

      whether self-financing with access to national or international public funding;

    - To develop, individually or on behalf of public agencies and private agencies, studies and research, management  

      plans  and appropriate measures  for achieving the social objectives of the Intitute;

    - To help collect, store and process all the data essential and complementary to the cadastre caving regions;

    - Produce and publish magazines and periodicals and monographs, to realize the goals of the Intitute;

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The Activities of CARS regard  the study and knowledge of all karst area of the Apennines with the deepening of all disciplines that relate to this type of environment together with caves. To this end, the Center collaborates with experts and specialists from many scientific disciplines that can help to promote addition to scientific research, protection and preservation of the territory of the karst environment.

The CARS therefore proposes to: